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Environmental Compliance Approvals

**NEW** Environmental Compliance Approvals

On October 31, 2011 a new environmental approvals system came into effect. Instead of applying for a Certificate of Approval (Air & Noise or Waste), organizations that emit pollutants to the environment will now apply for an Environmental Compliance Approval and/or register their equipment on the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR).

Environmental Activity & Sector Registry (EASR)

The EASR is used to register pieces of equipment that emit lower levels of contaminants in a predictable fashion. These pieces of equipment will then be excluded from application for an Environmental Compliance Approval.

The EASR is currently available for:

  • Comfort Heating Systems
  • Standby Power Systems
  • Automotive Refinishing Paint Spray Booths

Environmental Compliance Approval

An Environmental Compliance Approval must be obtained for equipment or processes that emit contaminants to the environment and are not eligible for the EASR. The Environmental Compliance Approval is very similar to a Certificate of Approval. The difference is that a single ECA addresses all of an organization’s emissions, discharges, and wastes. Separate approvals for air, noise, and waste are no longer required.

Enviro-Stewards’ Expertise

Our consultants have an outstanding level of technical competence and a thorough knowledge of the MOE approvals process. This allows for applications to be reviewed efficiently, resulting in reduced wait times for approvals.

We will manage your approval from start to finish, dealing with the MOE on your behalf, so that the minimum amount of time is required of you.

Want to Learn More?

Enviro-Stewards is offering complimentary breakfast seminars for interested parties who would like more information about the new ECA approvals system and how it will affect their business.

To sign up for a seminar and/or to get a list of dates for upcoming seminars, please email Carlin Sweeney at with ECA breakfast seminar in the subject line.