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South Sudan

Revival water is locally owned and operated by a Southern Sudanese NGO (Revival Movement).  In addition to the bottled water project, the facility constructs affordable residential drinkingwater treatment systems (biofilters).

A portion of the sale of every bottle of water is used to subsidize the construction and delivery of affordable biosand filters in Southern Sudan.

The Need for Safe Water Every year there are over a  million deaths related to unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene, mainly through infectious diarrhea.  And over 1.1 billion people lack access to clean water and sanitation.  In Kajo Keji County, South Sudan, the Revival water team have tested 238 water sources with a solar powered incubator.  More than 50% of the water sources tested (171) were found to contain E. Coli bacteria.  Also, water related illnesses account for ½ of all hospital patients and many premature deaths.

Incubator test sample revealing that this water source would be classified as very dangerous according to WHO standards

Safe Treatment of Water

Revival’s bottled water treatment system is engineered by Enviro-Stewards Inc.  Water collected from the Revival Movement’s borehole well and locally harvested rainwater is treated with a biosand filter developed by the Centre for Affordable Water & Sanitation Technology (  Biofilters develop naturally occurring bacteria layers that remove up to 99.9% of biological contaminants from drinking water.

The biofiltered water is then ozonated to ensure disinfection andbottled in reusable glass bottles.  Glass bottles are inert and hence do not contain chemicals that can leach into bottled water and cause health concerns

Each bottling day, the ozone concentration in the bottled water is tested and a sample of bottled water is quality control tested for tested for harmful bacteria using a solar powered incubator (lab results).

Sustainable Water Treatment

Economically Sustainable

When purchasing single use plastic water bottles from Uganda, over half of the cost is associated with the diesel required to transport it to Sudan and nearly 100% of the revenue generated leaves the local economy.

Revival water provides local employment and 100% of the revenue is used to benefit South Sudan.  For example, a portion of the sale of each bottle of water is used to help subsidize the construction and delivery of residential biosand filters.

Environmentally Sustainable

Revival water is packaged in refillable glass bottles.  The bottles are reused an average of 20 times before they are recycled into local building materials.

Revival’s bottling process is engineered to minimize resource consumption and waste generation.  Overflow from the bottling plant can provide water to tilapia ponds (a source of protein) and nutrients in the overflow from the fish ponds will be beneficial for irrigation.  Tilapia ponds and irrigation will be developed with funds from the water project.

Socially Sustainable

Water related illnesses account for 1/2 of hospital patients in Kajo Keji county.  Boiling to purify water results in deforestation and contributes to climate change.

Revival bottled water and biofilters provide pure, safe water and help break the cycle of poverty.

Locally Produced

Revival water is collected, treated and bottled at the revival movement center in Wudu, Kajo Keji, South Sudan.

When demand spreads, bottling plants and/or biosand filter construction facilities can be established at other locations

International Assistance:

Materials and funding necessary to launch the projects were donated by Canadian individuals, churches, corporations, and high school students.  However, the business itself is owned, managed and operated by Sudanese.

International nongovernmental agencies (NGOs) can directly benefit the Sudanese economy by choosing to purchase their bottled water needs from Revival (rather than trucking in water from an adjacent country)

Supporting Revival Water:

Purchase Safe & Sustainable Bottled Water:

Health Conscious consumers will appreciate the health benefits of glass over plastic bottles as well as our daily analytical testing.

Environmentally Conscious consumers will appreciate Revival’s small water & carbon footprints as well as it’s avoidance of the waste associated with single use packaging

Socially Conscious consumers will appreciate that Revival provides local employment and that a portion of the funds from each  purchase subsidizes the construction of affordable residential biosand filters

Promote Biosand Filter Technology:

Bottled water can reliably provide a safe   water supply when traveling or entertaining guests.
However, biosand filters can provide safe water more economically on an ongoing  basis.  Biosand filters also avoid the deforestation (Contribution to climate change) associated with boiling of water for purification.

Therefore, we encourage people to use biosand filters to purify their water at home and to purchase bottled water that subsidizes biosand filters when they travel

Expansion of the project:

The work is being launched with private donations (tax receiptable in Canada & USA).

If you would like to assist this project, on the memo line of the check place “Kajo Keji Water Project.” And make the check out to either:

International Teams Canada
1 Union Street,
Elmira, Ontario, Canada N3B 3J9


International Teams USA
411 W. River Road,
Elgin, Illinois  60123

For additional information, contact Enviro-Stewards inc.

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