Affordable Smart Blue Roof (ASBR) Accelerates Enviro-Stewards Past its 80% Reduction Target

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Enviro-Stewards leases & renovates space in a 100-year-old furniture factory in Elmira, Ontario.  They made a public commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per employee by 80% from their 2008 baseline year (target).

Measures implemented over the years include an integrated living wall that removes carbon dioxide from the office space (link), temperature setbacks, window replacement, etc. These improvements have reduced emissions by just under 80% per employee.

In June 2021, Enviro-Stewards implemented a demonstration ASBR on their own roof (link).  As heat loss and gain through the roof was such a significant contributor to their remaining impact, the ASBR helped them blow past their 80% target to secure 90% reduction per employee through conservation alone.  They purchased Gold Standard voluntary carbon credits to offset twice their remaining footprint (see chart below).

Note that Enviro-Stewards is in the process of securing Gold Standard for the sustainable development goals-certified carbon credits for the Safe Water Social Venture Projects they helped found in Uganda and South Sudan (link).  Once obtained (fall of 2022), these credits will help Enviro-Stewards and its clients reach and maintain carbon neutral certification.

Greenhouse gas over time vs target graph

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