2018 Clean50 Projects Announced!

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Enviro-Stewards has two Clean50 Top Projects this year!

Enviro-Stewards was retained to help craft a Food Loss + Waste Reduction Toolkit for Provision Coalition and then managed the initial pilot of the toolkit in an assessment with Campbell Company of Canada.  We are excited by this project as it demonstrates how prevention of food waste (rather than managing food waste after it is created) resulted in almost 1,000 tonnes per year of food waste being prevented with an annual savings of $706,000 and avoidance of 4,000 tonnes of GHG emissions compared to their current practice of diverting food waste for biogas production.

We are also excited by our project with Southbrook Winery.  If ever there was an obvious candidate for proceeding directly to renewables, it would be Southbrook. Their facility is organic, biodynamic, treats its wastewater onsite, is situated in a LEED gold certified building, and recently completed an energy conservation study that found that a further reduction in electricity of 5% would have an average payback of 20 years.

Even so, Enviro-Stewards assessment found and implemented practical measures to avoid an additional 40% of their electricity and natural gas consumption, with a payback of 0.4 years.  This avoided ½ acres of solar panels that would otherwise have been required to waste this energy.  Very rarely, can you see avoided energy.  In this case, you can drink some of the “preserved reserve” wine that would otherwise been plowed over to make way for solar panels.

Click the images below to read about our winning projects for Campbell Company of Canada and Southbrook Winery.

You can read about the other award-winning projects here.

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