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Winery Wastewater Treatment Plant Designed by Enviro-Stewards Featured in Online Article

On May 12, 2011, the Wines & Vines website featured Tantalus Vineyards, an Enviro-Stewards client, in their Latest News: Top Stories section (article).

The feature, entitled, “B.C. Winery Ferments Water”, discusses Tantalus Vineyards’ innovative sequencing batch reactor (SBR) wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).  Enviro-Stewards designed and helped commission process (clean) water treatment, wastewater treatment & reuse, and an air treatment “biofilter” to avoid odours at Tantalus’ winery.

Prior to the design of the WWTP, Enviro-Stewards lead a resource-conservation assessment to reduce upstream organic loading and water use.  The reduction in organic loading and water usage resulting from the assessment allowed for a much smaller WWTP, which realized over $50,000 in capital cost savings as well as significantly reducing the footprint of the system.  Click on the graphic below to read the case study for this project.