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Water Conservation

Enviro-Stewards addresses more than just water usage, the cost of which is growing faster than the rate of inflation. We offer multimedia audit expertise that results in water conservation, pollution prevention, and energy efficiency. Without this coordinated approach you could reduce water usage while exceeding municipal effluent discharge bylaws.

Our Approach

Water rates are increasing rapidly but addressing them alone is not enough.
Conserving water in isolation can unintentionally cause secondary issues.   For example, reducing water consumption by 50% can result in a doubling of effluent contaminant concentrations (mg/L).  Although the actual mass of effluent contaminants (kg) remains unchanged, the resulting higher concentrations can exceed municipal bylaw effluent discharge limits.

Therefore, Enviro-Stewards typically combines water conservation work with pollution prevention and/or energy efficiency work.   In addition to water bill savings, our multimedia approach leads to concurrent savings associated with ingredients and energy previously leaving the facility entrained in the effluent stream.

Access Incentives

Water utility providers are beginning to realize that it is less expensive to co-fund water conservation assessment and implementation work than to source and treat new water supplies.

Address Problem Drivers

  • Water rates in many jurisdictions exceed $2/m3 and are increasing faster than the rate of inflation (often 10% per year).  Therefore, water conservation is a valuable tool for reducing operating costs and providing protection against profit margin erosion in future years.
  • Our drinking water is collected from surface water intakes and ground water recharge areas.  Source water pollution prevention assessments can protect these water sources.
  • Over 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation.    Our Sustainability Credits provide a mechanism to “replace” water consumed in the developed world with the provision of an equivalent quantity of safe drinking water in the developing world.

Mr. Taylor designed, pilot-tested, and assisted with the commissioning of a treatment system that is recycling 100% of the water used to pressure clean the Space Shuttle’s solid rocket booster (SRB) sections.
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