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Sustainability Planning & Reporting

Enviro-Stewards delivers sustainability reports that provide credible third-party tracking of progress, verification of gains, and identified projected gains linked to planned conservation measures. 

Our Approach

Enviro-Stewards engages facility and corporate staff to identify and quantify key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Our annual reports provide third-party tracking of progress towards goals, verification of gains implemented to date, and projected gains associated with potential conservation measures to be implemented in the coming year.

Access Incentives

  • Components of sustainability planning can be eligible for co-funding under various programs (such as P2, E2, and water conservation).


Address Problem Drivers

  • Sustainable companies typically receive benefits such as increased market share, utility and environmental compliance savings, employee attraction and retention, and positive public perception.
  • Economically, environmentally and socially sustainable companies are attractive to investors due to their lower investment risk and greater consistency of returns.
  • Certain programs, such as the carbon disclosure program and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), require reporting as part of their transparency requirements. 
“At Frito Lay Canada we are working towards developing net zero facilities and processes as part of our commitment to deploy sustainable solutions that reduce our impact on the planet.Bruce Taylor and Enviro-Stewards are helping us meet our challenge with creative out-of-the-box thinking. Their engineering expertise is impressive in many areas including water conservation and process water treatment methods and systems.Enviro-Stewards participated at our Engineering Design Summit at the University of Waterloo and continues to assist us in working towards our environmental objectives.” - Helmi Ansari, Sustainability Leader Frito Lay Canada
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