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Pollution Prevention (P2)

Enviro-Stewards employs a focused Five-Step Pollution Prevention Process that is aimed at reducing your overhead and treatment costs.

Our Approach

Enviro-Stewards follows a focused 5-step approach to Pollution Prevention Assessment:

1. Who are your champions?

  • A team is assembled with representatives typically from upper management, engineering, QA/QC, plant supervision, and operators.

2. What are your primary wastes?

  • Quantify & prioritize wastes through measurement, observation, and facility records.

3. Why are your wastes generated?

  • Identifying root causes as to why waste is generated in the first place.

4. Where can they be reduced?

  • Design and perform financial & technical analysis of alternatives.

5. When should change be implemented?

  • Prepare an implementation plan that categorizes each opportunity within an immediate, medium-term, or long-term time frame.

Access Incentives

Address Problem Drivers

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RJ Spagnols case study