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Environmental Compliance Assistance

Enviro-Stewards can save you money and reduce project complexity by taking a Pollution Prevention approach rather than a typical end-of-pipe approach.

Our Approach

Enviro-Stewards uses a phased Pollution Prevention approach to first reduce the level of contamination of air and water streams at the source.  This reduces the size, complexity, and cost of any necessary water or air treatment facilities (compared to an end-of-pipe approach).   Enviro-Stewards provides unbiased site-specific solutions with rapid returns on investment. 

Compliance work typically includes:

  • Assessing baseline conditions;
  • Identifying & quantifying opportunities to reduce loadings at source;
  • Preparing a design basis and feasibility assessment of treatment options;
  • Pilot-scale testing (if necessary); and
  • Design, installation, commissioning, and technical support assistance.

Access Incentives

  • Beyond-compliance programs, such as the Toronto Region Sustainability Program (TRSP), provide co-funding to move facilities beyond compliance with a Pollution Prevention approach.  Surprisingly, incorporating a beyond-compliance preventative approach invariably provides superior financial returns on investment for a facility (versus merely striving to maintain compliance) and provides environmental and social co-benefits.   
  • Subsidy programs do not typically extend to assistance with environmental compliance (as facilities are already legally required to comply).


Address Problem Drivers

  • Regulatory drivers include: 
          - Municipal/Regional (sanitary & storm sewer bylaws);
          – Provincial/State (effluent wastewater & air discharge Certificates of Approval (C of A), air emission & hazardous waste reporting); and
          – Federal (Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) notices, National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) reporting).
  • Market advantage can be obtained by avoiding publicity associated with non-compliance and reducing emissions to below reporting thresholds (see Trimac case study).
  • Most corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs include compliance with applicable environmental legislation as a baseline requirement.  Some require developed world environmental compliance standards to be applied in facilities located in the developing world.
Case Study
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Winery case study