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Design for the Environment (DfE)

Enviro-Stewards works with production facilities to develop products that can have less environmental impact while potential reducing operating costs and increasing margins.

Our Approach

The scope of DfE projects is dependent on the nature of the products produced.  Enviro-Stewards typically works with a select team from the production facility to conceive and evaluate DfE production and marketing opportunities

Access Incentives

  • Components of the DfE process are potentially eligible for research assistance programs such as NRC IRAP and SRED.

Address Problem Drivers

  • Designing products that are good for the environment can open markets such as procurement under the LEED™ program and environmentally-preferable purchasing programs.
  • DfE can improve worker health & safety and reduce environmental compliance monitoring and reporting costs.
  • DfE can reduce operating costs and increase margins.

Case Study
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Veriform Case Study