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Disaster Relief and Development

Major earthquakes struck El Salvador on January 13, 2001 and February 13, 2001.  Over 1.5 million people were left homeless, hundreds were killed and thousands were injured.

Mission of Mercy, Las Lajas, El Salvador 2001  

Over 300 People Died in this
Landslide Caused by the Earthquake

The communities of Las Lajas, which are located in the Mountains of El Salvador, cooperatively own and operate coffee and dairy facilities.  130 of their homes were destroyed during the earthquakes.  Chester Venhuisen of Bruised Reed Ministries assembled 33 volunteers and $50,000 CDN for building materials within 6 weeks of the damage.

The team lived in the community with the least resources and constructed 10 earthquake resistant homes.  We also purchased materials for 11 additional homes, which were constructed by the homeowners, volunteers from the co-op and volunteers from Christo Central Church in San Salvador.

One of 21 Earthquake Resistant Homes Constructed in Las Lajas, El Salvador 


The Group and the Co-op held a Fiesta (party) to Celebrate the Rebuilding and to Draw the Communities Together (1,500 people attended) 

Mission of Hope, San Vicente, El Salvador 2002

Enviro-Stewards staff were asked to help coordinate a relief and development project in San Vicente, El Salvador (the epicenter of the second earthquake).

Enviro-Stewards and a humanitarian organization established by the coop (Masada) purchased building materials on behalf of World Partners Canada.  A blended team of volunteers from Ontario, students from Rocky Mountain College (Calgary), the local church (Assemblies of God) and the homeowners constructed 6 earthquake resistant homes.

The Co-op’s Truck with Materials to Construct 6 Homes


The team (top) constructed 6 earthquake resistant homes and purchased materials for tlhe homeowners to construct a 7th home.