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Archive for March, 2015

Guelph Launches Showcasing Water Innovation Website, which Features Enviro-Stewards’ Rainwater Harvesting Project with the City

The City of Guelph recently launched its Showcasing Water Innovation (SWI) website, which features innovative water conservation projects in the City.

Enviro-Stewards partnered with Guelph on one of the featured projects: Bus Wash Rainwater Harvesting and Rinse Water Recirculation Project. This project used rainwater harvesting to reduce City water and chemical consumption at a municipal bus wash facility. You can read more about the project by clicking here or by clicking on the graphic below. A case study is available for download as well.

Enviro-Stewards has extensive experience working with municipal water conservation programs offered by the City of Guelph, York Region, City of Toronto, and the Region of Waterloo. Our experience identifying technically and economically feasible water conservation measures within these programs leads to innovative water conservation solutions such as the Guelph bus wash rainwater harvesting project.